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With an abundance of cute and quirky animal prints, this Amsterdam design label knows how to raise a smile with its multi-coloured collections. Made from the softest cotton, the Mingface T-shirts are sure to brighten up your day! Mingface loves to make people happy! We are continuously busy developing original, funny, fairtrade products. We produce as much as we can locally to spare the environment. Every saterday we are on the biological Noordermarkt in Amsterdam to sell our latest stuff! So see you there!

“Mingface loves to travel. The moment you put on his shirt he keeps on smiling & offers you a friendly face in return.”
Mingface is a dutch fairtrade streetwear brand. The name refers to the origins of the Chinese roots of the Dutch artist Sebastiaan Duong. The Chinese character is a conjunction of the words sun (日) and moon (月), representing light, and therefore enlightenment.
The brand started with a collection of new and vintage t-shirts printed with a schoolpicture of Duong; a yellow Chinese smiling face of a small boy who loves to travel the world.
In his journey Mingface has met his friends: 12 unique animals inspired by the Chinese Zodiac. Mingface loves them because they have simple, humorous and open characters.
Mingface products tell the story of Mingfaces joy and his inspirational journey through the world. 
All Mingface products are sweatshopfree and fairtrade: only Mingface can keep on smiling if everybody is treated fair and good!

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